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When we think about how work gets done today, we bucket those things into what we call structured and unstructured communication. So structured communication is what a lot of system people go after. It’s interfaces, and it is sheets you fill out with fields on them that have certain values, and you send it over and this person inputs into their computer and it’s all very structured.”

It’s important, but it’s the unstructured communication, the ebb and flow of how people get work done; you know you think in the business world, you have things like email or chat or those types of applications.  And people have tried to adapt those again and have taken existing solutions and tried to adapt those to healthcare, but healthcare is unique. The context, the patient, the healthcare provider, the relationship of rep and surgeon, and other specialists. Those are so important to that conversation.

So how you solve that problem I think is difficult. I think we have some good solutions now. But I’m excited to keep solving that problem. I think it’s going to be really difficult but, the end goal for us is you know everyone on the planet has Movemedical on their device and it makes getting health care, receiving health care, and experiencing health care more focused on the end goal; which is a healthier population. That’s the end of it, so, how do you do that is kind of paramount.

Other solutions you know, I think the more I got into it, with the background in logistics, you can take that you come into healthcare and you say: “Alright, I can I can fix this, like I’ve written warehouse management systems, I’ve written transportation systems,  I’ve written inventory management systems.” and you come in with all these ideas and ambition and you realize that everything you’ve learned, while valuable, does not apply directly.

So we’re constantly working on new ways to solve the problem of how we get the right thing to the right place and That’ll be a lifelong challenge for our company.  It’s great to have those problems that you can never truly 100% say it’s ever done, because it can always get better. So I think communication is a huge key…” – Bo Molocznik