Successful field operations in the medical device space can be difficult and are always complex. It is not your fault. It is not easy combining sales, operations, and service altogether when there are so many systems and stakeholders involved. There are too many variables. We are all striving for progress.

Progress lies in the ability to create simplicity. When you can take complex processes and turn them into simple behaviors, you drive efficiency, you reduce costs, and you win.

Anytime you can reduce the number of systems, tools, and apps your sales and ops teams need to use:

Do it!

True Visibility

Inventory visibility is not just knowing where stuff should be, but where it actually is. Not just which sales rep should have it, but where that sales rep has it.

Real Control

Having control of your inventory means you can move, transfer, ship, receive, allocate, and audit your inventory. If you can do it all from one system, it means you have complete control.

Visibility & Control Combined

When you have full inventory visibility and control you:

  • Will increase turns
  • Can maximize asset utilization
  • Reduce manual effort
  • Eliminate errors
  • Stay UDI compliant

The New User-Friendly Platform

The way to do it is simple in concept, yet very difficult to put into practice. The idea is to take everything that needs to happen with field sales and operations and then put that functionality into a one interconnected system. It is more than just multiple systems “talking” to each other, it means having complete connectivity across operational tasks that actually drive behavior.

Value is created when functionality meets usability. That is when you get the data visibility you want and the control you need.

The Movemedical platform is divided into 4 main functional categories. These categories have incredible benefits on their own but when combined together create an industry-changing platform that will drive your business with better behavior and results.

Plan: When you take all the functionality for inventory management and combine it with the ability to actually manage cases you get the capability to PLAN, forecast and allocate resources.

Communicate: When you apply all of the scheduling (managing cases) and CRM type tools you will be able to truly COMMUNICATE across all stakeholders.

Control: When you combine the ability to perform all administration work with inventory management functionality you get the type of CONTROL that has never been possible before.

Grow: When you can shorten the order-to-cash process and are continually maximizing all new opportunities (CRM) you can finally GROW the way you want and need to.


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When you put that all together you have a platform that will transform your business. You will be able to better manage inventory across all types (owned, consigned, loaners), forecast accurately, save time, and increase asset utilization.

If you have a tool or platform that can do everything you need it to, you will save money and time and have peace of mind.

Medical device sales, marketing, and ops teams use Movemedical when they are ready to increase sales, strengthen physician relationships and gain true inventory control and visibility.

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A good field inventory solution is worth its weight in gold, a fully integrated medical device specific operations and sales force effectiveness platform is priceless.

A complete tool should be able to or have:

  • CRM / Case & Opportunity Management
  • Directed Picking & Put-away (Bin Mapped)
  • Surgery Scheduling (+ Calendar)
  • Active Order Visibility
  • Shipping Coordination (FedEx, UPS Integration)
  • Customer/Account Management
  • Opportunity/Lead Management
  • Surgeon Preferences / Preference Cards
  • Inventory Control & Visibility (All Locations, All Buckets)
  • Auto Product Replenishment
  • Commission Calculations
  • Expiration Notifications
  • Direct Orders
  • Send & Receive Tools (Rep to Rep etc.)
  • Contract & List Pricing (Real-time)
  • Audit/Cycle Counts
  • Reporting & Billing
  • Image & File Sharing
  • Secure HIPAA Compliant Communication
  • Mobile Usage Capture
  • UDI Compliance
  • Barcode Scanning
  • RFID Integration & RFID Reconciling (HF/UHF)
  • ERP/CRM/EMR Integrations
  • Demand Planning Tools
  • Consignment/Loaner Management
  • Pluggable Workflows (Programmatic Integrations, Integrated Prediction Models)
  • Sourcing Matrix Tool
  • HIPAA Compliant Communication Platform (Messages, Calendar, Usage, Notes, Files)
  • Sourcing Optimization
  • Future Stock (Virtual Inventory Assigned to Future Events)
  • Atomic Inventory (UDI Ready, Piece Level Tracking, Serialized or Not)
  • Hybrid Kitting (Skinny Kits, Kit Management, Kit Versioning, Tracking)
  • Cross Boundary Workflows
  • Lost & Found (Automatic Cycle Counting )
  • Merger/Acquisition Integration
  • Par Management
  • Multi-Catalog Management
  • Loan Optimization (1 Loan Per Day)
  • Separate or Combined Sales & Operations Alignment
  • Cost-to-Serve Metrics
  • Turn Ratio Dashboards
  • Sales Metrics / Data (Reps, Leaders, Corporate)

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