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What is the biggest risk in facing orthopedic healthcare?

“Confusion and inefficiency…

I think when you’ve got a lot of people talking about how to provide care. People that care about what they’re doing, they don’t want anything to get missed, so you end up either over communicating, duplicating efforts, double checking things, triple checking things, because you’ve got awkward integrations between systems or parties.

So, I think that’s the greatest risk is that on paper you may see that there’s a way to get efficiency or you may bring in some best practice from other industry to apply and that you either risk the care you’re giving to a patient, which I think in general won’t happen because the people that are in health care would never let that happen.

So, I think because people are unwilling to compromise care to an extent, that that drives the inefficiency because there’s an unwillingness to let something break that you don’t have to fix. And that’s where a lot of innovation comes from; it comes from things being broken to a point where you have to pick up the pieces.

I think healthcare is so hard to do that because of the professionals that operate within the industry, they’re not going to say I don’t have the right stuff for the surgery so I guess this patient dies and then that’ll force change. It just won’t happen. You know, shipping a container of widgets from China, it falls off the boat you know.

OK, we had learned a lesson and we we have better protocols now.

So, I think that’s the biggest risk because how do you change something so massive so fundamental to how we we exist as a population without risking patient care.” – Bo Molocznik