Medical Device Asset Utilization That Will Increase Your Growth Like Crazy

Think about the following individuals who all have something in common. Think about your favorite superheroes, you have Deadshot from DC Comics, or Hawkeye, from the Marvel films.  If you grew up tossing the old pigskin, you have Aaron Rodgers. Do you enjoy hoops, then Stephen Curry dropping 3 pointers from just about everywhere on the court comes to mind.  Music fanatic? Then you have Kenny G ripping through a solo on that golden saxophone.  All of these individuals are at the top of their respective games, yes even the fictional ones, and they all have one thing in common.  Accuracy.

Kenny G needs to be super accurate, every note counts. In the medical device space, inventory accuracy is even more important.

When you think about accuracy in logistics, especially the medical device industry, you think about requests/asking for products and fulfillment of that request.  You probably don’t drift into a place where you see Alina, the ultimate rep requesting products and serving her surgeon’s needs like Steph Curry drills 3’s or Brad fulfilling said request with the silky smooth finesse like Kenny G in another lifetime.   All jokes aside, reps and ops people are the rock stars and MVP’s of the daily grind in their industry.  Patients and surgeons rely on these MVP’s to work together to ensure the best outcome on the day of surgery.

Here are 3 of the hurdles that are in the way of you becoming the MVP:

  1. Procedure/Surgery Type is just too broad. Let’s face it gone are the days reps can say “I have a total hip” and everyone just knows that’s 3 implant kits and 4 instrument trays.  Product lines are growing, anterior vs. posterior, & minimally invasive are just some ways the game is changing.
  2. A Catalog/Menu that doesn’t include all products needed. In order to make sure reps have everything they need for surgery the Ops team needs to provide a menu for them to make sure they can easily request everything from trays, to kits, to individual pieces.  Every patient is different; thus most requests will have nuances.
  3. Technology and Tools are outdated. As the medical device industry evolves the tools that help Ops and Reps become the rock stars of their respective “stages” the technology they use often is the last to evolve.  Requests via email or on pre-filled out Excel spreadsheets still exist in the world today making prep for surgery all the more difficult.

Movemedical addresses these and solves these to really allow Ops to serve the Sales rep better.  How, you ask?  Through incredible accuracy.

Ready to achieve Serena Williams level greatness?

Let’s take a look!

Procedure AND Sub-procedure Types.  

Yep, something so simple really is a game changer.  Now when a rep books a Trauma (Procedure) case they will also select the sub-procedure which in this case we will call Wrist (sub-procedure).  We know body side matters to you as well so there’s a quick selector for that.  Don’t worry, we, of course have a free form description field to put those extra specific notes, such as distal radius fracture.  All Procedures and Subprocedures are determined by YOU the user to best fit your business needs.  This helps Ops right off that bat before the rep has even made their actual request.

The Perfect Catalog for the Perfect Shopping (requesting) Experience.     

Now some Reps might not feel like asking for products for surgery is the same experience as visiting their favorite online shopping outlet or ordering from the drink menu at their favorite local brewery, but with an innovative catalog approach that is driven by what you sell and how you want it displayed when you go to “shop” we hope you’ll start to feel different about product shopping.    

All Products need a Home.  

Whether you need just one tray for a quick trauma case or you need 10 trays, 12 implant totes, and six loose pieces for that wild revision case, we got you covered.  Preference cards (Surgeon or Procedure/Sub Procedure based) are the building blocks to quickly get things added to your shopping cart so your Ops friends can start building your case quickly.  We get that sometimes your Surgeon needs some extra Bone Cement or a one off request from time to time, so we enabled a quick search so those items are just a tap away.

The Tech and the Tool evolve with your Business.  

Sets change.  Kits become sub-kits.  New products emerge as Surgeon favorites due to getting great results.  All this is normal in the medical device industry.  The system allows that evolution to continue.  Nothing is set in stone.  If a rep needs a kit reworked, we encourage that collaboration with his/her Ops team to build the perfect Menu, but always look to improve it when needed. This activity builds trust and helps ensure that the requested items are correct and ALWAYS on time.

Bringing it all together…

All of these tools inside Movemedical ultimately help operations serve their sales staff better.  I’ve heard many reps over the years say they couldn’t have served their Surgeons the way they do without a MVP in the warehouse.  Accurate requests drive accurate shipments which ensures dynamic results.  Period.  Movemedical will help both Sales and Ops be the best versions of themselves, all while helping patients lead better lives.

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